process flow diagram of sodium hypochlorite

Process of Hypochlorites Bleaching | Working Process of ... Sodium Hypochlorites Sodium Hypochlorite is a greenish-yellow liquid commonly referred to as "Bleach." The chemical compound formula for Sodium Hypochlorite is NaOCl.Sodium Hypochlorite is prepared by reacting dilute caustic soda solution with liquid or gaseous chlorine, accompanied by cooling. Mechanisms of actions of sodium hypochlorite in cleaning ... The effectiveness of sodium hypochlorite in the cleaning and disinfection processes depends on the concentration of available chlorine and the pH of the solution. Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a weak acid and dissociates to the hypochlorite ion (-OCl) and proton (H+) depending on the solution pH. Sodium Hypochlorite Operating Experiences - Sodium Hypochlorite Operating Experiences Jim Van De Wege ... Process Diagram Low lift pump Flocculation Settling basins Basins High lift pumps Clearwell Raw water Treated water Filters ... Chemical flow pacing Ability to meter chemical feed rate Auto pump stop if incoming flow drops to zero . Operation of the Membrane Bioreactor for Municipal ... Operation of the Membrane Bioreactor for Municipal Wastewater Treatment. WOW 2004 Presentation Objectives ... – reverse process flow – remove solids from membrane – 1 minute every 12-15 minutes ... – weekly 100 ppm sodium hypochlorite solution    Read More

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